<strong>My 3 go to vocal practice songs:</strong>

Why I love It:   It’s an easy song to sing when my voice is in recovery since it has low notes and has no crazy transitions. 2. I will Always Love You- Whitney Houston Why I love It:   It’s a hard song to sing because it has a lot of high notes and transitions and […]

Forget NewYear’s Resolutions, Resolve To Live Intentionally.

9 Smart Ways To Do So! The new year for me is always met with a mixture of apprehension of the unknown, excitement and hope at the chance of new beginnings. This year I want to commit to live each day as much as possible with intention. I want to choose things and people  that […]

<strong>Find Joy in Solitude This Holiday Season.</strong>

Here’s a crazy thought, spend some time alone this holiday season. LILLY The holidays are meant to be spent with family. A nice sentiment. It is good and healthy to spend time with family and friends. Relationships with others are important but we often neglect the relationship with self.  I have been thinking lately how […]