My 3 go to vocal practice songs:

  1. Say You won’t Let Go – James  Arthur

Why I love It:  

It’s an easy song to sing when my voice is in recovery since it has low notes and has no crazy transitions.

2. I will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

Why I love It:  

It’s a hard song to sing because it has a lot of high notes and transitions and requires a lot of vocal stamina to sustain the notes. So it’s perfect for when I am practicing for a performance or when I want to practice and improve my vocal technique.

3. Stay- Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko

Why I Love It:

It has a melody that’s almost monotone, it is very familiar and super easy to sing so it’s the perfect song to calm my nerves, and relax the tension in my voice.

Click here to listen to my Vocal Warm Up Playlist:

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